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My name is Alex Radzishevsky, I am an inventor, developer and owner of digital audio signal processing technologies and related services here at Sonoworx. Sonoworx is a technology provider offering proprietary licensable audio watermarking and acoustic fingerprinting solutions. The homepage of these solutions is located at

I have patented* a novel watermarking approach that differs from other "common" watermarking techniques such as spread spectrum, echo hiding, etc., and enables very efficient, robust and imperceptible watermarking of audio signals at high watermarking data rate. So far, I have developed three complete watermarking solutions based entirely on this invention but using it in different ways.

I have also received a patent* for a novel acoustic fingerprinting technique. This patented technique enables my audio fingerprinting software solution, which  features high scalability, speed and robustness.

I license these core technologies for use in varios fields and applications related to audio and sound.

A list of my patents and white papers can be found  here.

You can see who is already using my products on  the Customers page.

You can also take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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You can get in touch with me via email. Just drop me a line at the following email address: mailbox [at] sonoworx . com